American Flag Reverse Retroflective 2XL 3M Decal 5"x 8 3/4"

American Flag Reverse Retroflective 2XL 3M Decal 5"x 8 3/4"
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This 3M American Flag Reverse Decal is for the passenger side of your car. Reverse flags are displayed on moving vehicles with the blue-star field always displayed towards the front of the vehicle. In this way, the flag appears to be blowing in the wind as the vehicle travels forward (flags are always attached to their flag poles on the blue field side). If the flag were not reversed on the right hand side of the vehicle, the vehicle might appear to be moving backwards (or "retreating").

This American Flag Reverse Decal measures 5 inches by 8 > inches and is a great way to display our national flag without having to use a pole. You don't need to take it off to go into a car wash or during bad weather like you might with a fabric flag and pole.

Another great feature of our American Flag Reverse Decal is retroflection: there is a brilliant flashback when light strikes the tiny reflectors contained in this patriotic decal. They contain over 45,000 micro reflectors in each square inch (6 cm2) of material. The material used to make these American flag decals is the same high quality 3M material used in STOP signs. The adhesive is vandal-proof and can withstand car washes and the wear and tear of bad weather.

Our American Flag Reverse Decal would make a great gift for people who want a low-maintenance way to display our country's flag. You can even pare it pair it with our American Flag Retroflective 2XL Extra Large 3M Decal in order to have a flag on both the driver and passenger sides of your car.

American Flag Reverse Retroflective 2XL Extra Large 3M Decal Specifics

  • Measures 5"x 8 >"
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