Magnetic Industrial Base 4 with Rubber Mounts

Magnetic Industrial  Base 4 with Rubber Mounts
Item# MIB4RM
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Product Description

Magnetic Industrial  Base 4 with Rubber Mounts
This design is a much stronger base then our single base pole design. We offer two magnetic strengths with either 4 or 6 magnets, depending upon your application requirements. Four powerful rubber coated earth neodymium magnets! Our magnetic bases use very strong magnets, rubber coated for vehicle protection. Many factors go into pull force especially on a magnetic flag base. An important factor is the thickness of the steel that the magnets are placed onto, the wind factor being both the direction and force, the height of the pole and flag is also a factor as this causes more resistance. We have tested the magnetic flag base., the 4-magnet base withstood the speed of 60 mph with a 6-foot pole 1/4Ħħ diameter with our 2 ply 11" X 15" Flag. The pull strength of each magnet has a maximum of 33 pounds down to a minimum of 11 pounds depending upon the thickness of the steel. Therefore a 4-magnet base would equal max 132 pounds to minimum of 44 pounds pull. The magnetic base bonds easily, conveniently and quickly to any metal (ferromagnetic materials) applications. The versatility of these magnetic bases has made them popular in several industries, allowing for easy identification at different stages of production or process. These magnetic mounts have been designed and manufactured with fiber reinforced bases, which are flexible to allow the forces to be shared between the magnets. This is a proven reliable product that has been manufacturing and selling for over 20 years and have a happy customer base for this product. The magnetic base is easily removed by lifting from the back of the base. This product is a 4-magnet base mount with rubber coating. The diameter of the flag pole insert hole is 3/8". Overall dimensions 9.5" X 12" X 1/2". This product is a 4-magnet base mount with rubber coating. No pole or flag comes with this unit. is proud to offer a lifetime structural waranty on all our flag poles and bases.305-253-6777(please note: does not cover flags)