Magnetic Mount 20 " - 90 Degree Flag Pole (w or w/o flag)

Magnetic Mount 20 " -  90 Degree Flag Pole (w or w/o flag)
Item# magnetic20pole90
$24.95, 5/$99.75, 10/$179.50
4"x6":  8"x13": 

Product Description

(Please pick flag from the option drop down menu.) Make something visible with this 90 degree on a magnetic base. This magnetic mount is best used in stationary settings such as factories, offices, showrooms, etc. These poles have had such versatile uses lately. We can make you a custom flag for this base if you'd like or pick a stock flag from our pull down menu. They feature strong magnetic bases that are zinc coated and do not rust or scratch vehicles or equipment and feature a 20" steel pole that screws directly in the base. You can easily attach one of our various flags to these poles, or add your own. The flag that comes with it is 4" x 6" or 8 x 13" but we can make larger flags. Just call us and tell us what size you need. 305-253-6777. Also, we can add a plastic liner to make the flags stick out so you can read any writing you want on them. Customization is not much more. Ask to speak with Lorraine and she will be happy to help you getting you what you need for your project.

Wondering which flag to use with your magnetic poles? We recommend a flag size of 4 inches by 6 inches and a weight of 2 ounces but flags can be much larger. Remember, a flag will droop unless wind catches it. We have 13 different colors you can choose from. If you order a flag with your pole, it's only $3.00 more! To order a flag with your pole, choose the flag you want from the drop down menu before clicking "add to cart."

If you're ordering our 20" magnetic base with pole for industrial purposes or for a special project, we can help you with flag choices or even with designing your own custom flag. Call us and our friendly customer service folks will be happy to help you.

Magnetic base with 20" Pole Specifics

  • Total length 24.5 inches and weights only 9 oz.
  • Purchase our exclusive car pole flags or use your own custom flag.
  • NOTE: recommended flag size / weight 4" X 6"- 2 ounces.

Flags are available in a wide variety of colors - choose from the option drop-down menu to add a flag: is proud to offer a lifetime structural waranty on all our flag poles and bases.305-253-6777(please note: does not cover flags)